onsite Services

D.A.M. Technologies has been serving Southwestern Ontario since 2001.

We offer onsite general computer dianostics/troubleshooting and repair for business workstations and servers. We also offer hardware and software upgrades, as well as provide your business with regular maintenance. Removing dust from fans and cleaning oxidation from contacts are an essential part of keeping your system running smoothly by increasing longevity and reliability.

Installation services

- Network and Phone Wire with Termination

- Screen Wall-mounting

- Wire Concealment and Organization

- Home Theater Design and Install

- Phone System Design and Setup

- Office Audio Systems

- Video Surveillance Systems

We offer both completely new wiring (phone, audio, video and network) designs for new business installations as well as additions and upgrades to all your current network systems.

Important considerations

  • Data Protection through Offsite Backups
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
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Online services

Offsite backup

Keep your data protected against fire, theft, and hardware failure.

Your data is encrypted using a 128bit key before even leaving your office for storage.

You have the ability to restore separate versions of your files up to 40 days old, restore whole directories or individual files.

remote support

We are able to remotely log on to your computer and share your screen to help with troubleshooting.

We can also install a persistant, always-on connection to perform after-hours service.

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Email & web hosting

Using an Exchange based server, synchronize all your e-mails, contacts, calendars, and to-do lists instantly between all your devices using your own custom domain name.

Host your business website, design services are available.

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Coming soon:

Live GPS vehicle and asset tracking.

Track where your company vehicles are on the road, and where they have been. All tracks are stored online for one year.

Asset tracking for trailers and equipment.

Send 2-way messages and addresses to your fleet through standard GARMIN dash-mounted GPS units.