Starting a new practice?

We offer:

- Design services to assist with the structure and layout of your computer network before construction.
- Timely installation of all mounts, cabling, and related equipment
- Custom-built workstations and servers using the latest technology, with quality, longevity and dependability being a top priority.

need to upgrade?

D.A.M. Technologies can work with what you have to create a more reliable practice, reducing any down-time associated with equipment failures.

X-ray and file storage and backups

Make sure your files are secure. All our servers are built with enterprise class hard drives in a RAID-10 configuration (4 drives working at the same time)

Nightly off-site backups of all your practise management, x-ray, accounting, and document files ensure that you are protected in the event of the unexpected. All files are first encrypted before leaving your practise, ensuring the privicy of your patents.

Other dental practice essentials

- Video Surveillance
- Audio and Video Systems
- Telephone Systems
- Power Backup
- Wire Organization and Concealment
- ITRANS Integration and Certificate Management
- Practice Management Software Installation and Upgrades
- Imaging Software Installation and Upgrades

Specializing in computer system design for new and existing dental offices

Get your office designed right the first time!

We offer the latest in Intel -based systems... All computers are custom built with a minimum 5 year longevity goal.

We take your office productivity seriously. Mininum downtime is essential to maximize profits and ensure patient satisfaction.